2 August 2012

Can you speak Fataluku?

Fataluku is a language spoken in the Eastern Region of East Timor.
A new edition of the portuguese-fataluku dictionary is now published by Aecid and illustrated by me. Fataluku words starting with the same letter get together and create unexpected combinations of meaning...  

FATALUKU > Tana-pata Tani vavane
PT  >  Os braços-ramos
EN  >  Arms-branches

FATALUKU  >  Olo Okuli Oioilu uta
PT  >  Ave com óculos e flauta
EN >  Bird with glasses and flute

FATALUKU  >  Eluhe Elere
PT  >  Ler ondas
EN  >  Reading waves


Caterina Bianchetti said...

wow, sono incantata da questo lavoro



elena tognoli said...


Sarah said...

Really nice work! I especially love the bird with the flute and the glasses! :)